Mango 1500

Mango 1500

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Flavor: Mango
Nicotine: 20mg/ml
Puffs: 1500

ELFBAR has made it its business to offer smokers a less harmful alternative to conventional cigarettes.
The vape pens are handy and easy to use. Thanks to the built-in battery and the already prepared mixture of the liquid with the nicotine, vaping can start right after unpacking the disposables!

The different flavours offer the right product for every vaper!

This vape from ELFBAR tastes like mango and offers the consumer an exotic experience. This vape has a volume of 1500 puffs.

For the sake of the environment, we ask you to return the used vapes to us!
We work together with a recycling partner where the disposable vapes are disposed of correctly.
Contact us and you will receive a free vape for every 10 vapes you return!